How to Fillet Turbot Fish | Are Turbot Fish Different with Halibut Fish?

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Turbot Fish vs Halibut Fish

View days ago, I bought four turbot fish for cooking. I thing important thing for me learn how to fillet fish. Then I decision to fillet the fish by myself.

Turbot fish is an expensive price fish list. The fish belong luxury fish that why many people want to buy it with high price just for delicious taste.

how to fillet turbot fish
Turbot Fish
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Turbot fish is flatfish family within different with top and bottom. At the top side with pattern skin and bottom clean white skin.

Flatfish swim like the sting ray and snapping type hunting prey. They usually hide on sand and catch prey suddenly.

Flat fish have any species like different turbot fish and halibut fish. Both fish are flatfish family or bit same just different in name and size.

Usual halibut fish or also known Pacific Halibut bigger than turbot fish. The halibut fish usual trade on market for export commodity though turbot fish also known Greenland halibut is small size then Pacific Halibut.

On that day, I tried to fillet one by one the fish that intermediate difficult make me a bit difficult with slice the fish side because I have no idea about how to fillet turbot fish.

I am not prepare with sharp knife enough. That if you want to fillet fish you have prepare your tool such as sharp knife with right type.

The knife for fillet fish purpose, cutting board, fresh water for cleaning and comfortable space to your free moving when the proses.

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On the end proses I was success to fillet all turbot fish even look like worst looking on the fish after fillet but the taste never hides on the fish. Next, I will prepare the right equipment for fillet fish for perfect result.

Look how to fillet turbot fish video I was did

The video length enough about 27 minutes that I suggest you may take a cup of coffee for watching.


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