Why Do Cats Like You So Much Than Other Person In My House?

cat and owner Photo by Helena Lopes

How does your cat choose yours as a favorite person?

As a cat owner, you’re undoubtedly aware of the special bond that forms between you and your feline companion. Cats have an incredible way of making us their favorite human friends, becoming an integral part of our lives and homes. They’ve been intertwined with human history for ages.

Our relationship with cats as pets and owners is a unique one, and there’s much to learn about the depth of this connection. Recent research has shed light on the mysterious aspects of the cat-human relationship.

Many people perceive cats as somewhat self-centered creatures, often likening them to being the “boss” of the household. This perception differs from dogs, who are often seen as friendly and eager to assist with daily activities.

While both cats and dogs are cherished members of our households, they possess distinct instincts. Dogs tend to be helpers and playmates, whereas cats can have a more regal demeanor, expecting a certain level of service from us.

One remarkable trait of cats is their independence. They can thrive in their environment for extended periods even without their owners. This fact is something we often don’t need research to confirm.

However, it’s essential to understand that this independence doesn’t diminish the authenticity of the bond between cat owners and their feline companions. Some cats can even experience feelings of sadness or depression when their owners are absent from their side.

So, cherish the unique connection you share with your cat, knowing that despite their independent nature, they consider you an indispensable part of their lives.

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Cats choose their human friend that you have understood to make it like to you as a favorite person. Here is a guide that makes it easier to yo make your cat like more to you than another person in your house by Marilyn Kreger the author of “Naughty No More!”And a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant.

#Why cat-like to you moreover than another person?

Marilyn says that many cats favor one person over others. “ Animals like someone who feeds them more in the days and spends lots of time playing together. The cats are independent with their own history so sometimes they favor someone who makes them feel safe and secure.

It absolutely doesn’t mean that the cat won’t show love to a person else. It is just that they have a more close relationship with their owner.

# How do cats show love to you?

The sign, if your cat loves you, is they’re dropping some hints. “  There are many ways that could be the sign when the cat likes to you including head-butting, sitting on your lap, and purring.

Cats choose their favorite person and when they do, they drop hints. “There are a number of ways including head-butting, purring, and sitting on laps. Always be with you by touching your body to your leg to show they are a friend. Marilyn said.

Some cats follow their people around the home, but they like showing up to somebody who cares about it like more often touching them and more often feeding them.”

# How often communicate with your Cat

Over the centuries, the cat improved their relationship with learning through their voice to make good enough to lure people to come to their needs.

Recently, a study published in Biology in 2009 cat behavior discovered the power of cats, to make vocal characterized, purr asking for food from a human, showing exploiting sensory biases that humans have on condition that care.”

Something the cat can manipulate human is the logical reason the cat asks for care and the reason human naturally has a soft heart to give some love and care with a right hand in some situations when the cat reacts with a begging voice. However, to pay attention to the key to a relationship is learning how to be a good listener to your loved cats’ pet.

# Common way relationship errors in a cat by owners

Marilyn clarified is interaction with a cat without its permission conducts most error relationships with the cat. Cats are just like a human, with their own personality and their attitude.

You don’t need to touch or approach it without permission first or with their awareness, you are in their part and situation. Don’t ask them to play if they don’t want to. Just needs permission before interaction you have to see a good mood too.

# Guide for cat’s owner

The cats love you as your favorite one, so in order to you need your cats to come to you easily. Cats mark their favorite person, so in order for you to turn you need your cat to come to you and not the reverse, “people need to encourage and appreciate by giving something if their cats want to come to them. Marilyn says in this substance.”

They want to walk or run far away, all the cat needs to do is to incline or crouch down to the cat and point an index finger towards the cat at her nose. If a cat is feeling safe, it will move ahead to the open finger and lay a hand on it with its nose, turn its head, and rub it with its courage.

A cat usually signs the person who is being with pheromones from scent glands on its cheeks.

You have to build a relationship with your cat intensively day by day so that the cats are remembered and believe in you. The cat knows that you as it a friend and makes it secure beside you. You have to do that to make your behavior encouraged by cats Also you have to know the cat’s behavior too.

After intensively knowing each other behavior usually needs 120 hours data was gathered with your cat. If your cat knows your kind behavior, it will be happy beside you all day. Both personalities can be accepted by each other.

There is all you need to do if you want to be a cat’s favorite person than others in your house. That just builds a good relationship with giving them more care and love, often feeding them than other person and when you come home don’t forget to touch them even once when first time meet them if you like to more be better.

The main key is giving more love they will be giving feedback to you with comfort and happiness always close to you.


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