This Reason Why Many Cats In Indonesia Have No Tail

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Why Indonesian cats do not have tails

It’s amazing how many times this subject has come on an ex-pat forum about Many Cats In Indonesia Have No Tail. We have saved several posts over the years. With a variety of experts and not-so-expert theorists.

I need info about the genetic background of cats that we see on the streets of Indonesia. I wonder if anyone will have some info or idea where I can get it. Where is this cat coming from? Why do they (mostly) have short/lame tails etc?

I heard another theory. It is said that the local cat has been brought to Indonesia from the Netherlands (by colonialists) and from cats (especially those who survive on the streets etc) slumped due to the unsuitable habitat, i.e. food. No mice are available, mice and other types cannot be eaten by cats. On the other hand, most locals dislike cats. So cats end up on the streets, without proper support to breed well.

We got our kitty while living in Papua. Cats there are rumored to come from Australia. They also have tails bent and come in essentially two colors: black with a white spot on their chest or Taffy they are colored. Our cat is five years old by still looking like a big kitten because she’s so small. We were told that cats were brought there to help control the rat population out of control.

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