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Many of them. So they import some cats from somewhere, maybe Chinese cats or even Japanese cats, which all have a bent tail because they have to sleep in a very small room or because eating sushi gives you a bent tail. Anyway, that’s how they got here, well the story goes that way, and it’s been a long time ago during a long evening at a restaurant in central Jakarta.

Not sure about this particular group, but they may have been around for 40-50 years starting with a man who brought this dominant trait. For example, I just returned from Key West, Florida where I visited the house of Ernest Hemingway. There are 60 cats in the property all featuring six legs and all down from Tom’s original cat carrying this trait, given to Ernest by a sea captain visiting.

The short-tailed or lined-up cat in Indonía is merely a genetic selection. Many Indonesians believe that cats with short tails/no better tails of immigrants and they will look after this cat-fed them, etc. Its genetic properties (short-tailed or lined) because it has been chosen this way.

Why do many cats in Jakarta lack tails???
A quick net search reveals the following possible reasons, though I still want to see some serious scientific research on this issue.

Why the Indonesian cat does not have a tail:

  • Because the wicked Indonesian people cut it. For fun.
  • This is a genetic defect caused by inbreeding.
  • Because the strange Jakarta people cut it. Aesthetic purpose of FPR.
  • Because they were asleep on the road and the car walked over their tails.
  • Large numbers of orphans lead to a large number of highly ferocious catfights, where the tail is lost.
  • The helpers shut the door on their tails.
  • Kids Place Elastic bands around their tails when they are cats.
  • Rat giant Jakarta prey on wild kittens prefer tails as a delicacy.
  • An ancient Queen laid her wedding rings around her cattail for some unknown reason (but perhaps tragic). All Indonesian cats are descended from this Regal (but truncated) cat. This story can be eliminated due to the refutation of Lamarckian’s 19th-century evolution.
  • They want to be as cool as Hello Kitty, who has a small stub.

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