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Many Cats In Indonesia Have No Tail

If you go to Singapore, the wild ‘ drain the cat ‘ has the same tail as Kinks. When we first arrived we thought China went around with a tail cut Cleavers off!! If you see the story of Siamese cats-they does not have a straight tail but the same curly gene.

This is a bred out for generations. We have three cats, one with stumps, one with three Kinks, and one with a straight tail. A straight-tailed cat is actually the smartest, but comes from a village family; The other two are saved from the road.

In answer to your question, this is what I have found about the cats of Indonesia. This little cat does not come from a domestic cat, but a small jungle cat. They are cousins of a true Siamese cat. Their bodies are narrow and flexible.

The square snout and large eyes are comparable to the face to help hunt in dense foliage. The legs are very small and the back leg is longer than the front foot. This cat is a great jumper.

The reason the twisted tail on many cats is due to inbreeding. It is a genetically receive trait. Cat towns do not roam very far and they are so they usually mate with close relatives. Cats cannot read birth certificates so they do not know that prospective spouses may be the first cousin.

Cat Talking Each Other Video:

My personal experience with the Indonesian cat is that they are much more resourceful than their domestic relatives. They are excellent problem solvers. When we lived in Indonesia, our cat learned to open a door that had a grip over the knobby jumping upwards, wrapping his front claw around the grip, and dropping back onto the floor.

Then, out he went. Since I didn’t like her to go out, I had to attach hooks to all the outside doors to keep her in, but, of course, the staff always forgot so she went out anyway.


The story that I heard is that most cats in Java or even Indonesia had been eliminated by some of the poisons spread by Japan during the occupation, for whatever reason. The rest may already be eaten by the sick locals who have sushi. Anyway, because this here comes mice.




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