The Cat Day Is The Reason Why Japanese People Love Cat Too Much

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CAT Day proves that many cat lovers in the world. Cat Day is celebrated on February 17th in Poland, March 1 in Russia, October 29th in the USA, and February 22nd in Japan. Saying about Japan, why are Japanese love cats too much? Let’s find out!

They believe cats bring luckily

Japanese People Love Cat
Source: zetizen.jawapos Maneki Neko

If you ever know the ceramic cat statue that is waving and often displayed in stores. It is called Maneki Neko and is very common in Japanese shops, even in the USA. Maneki Neko is full meaning, not just a display. His bright eyes and smiling mouth spread a positive spirit. His left hand waving as if inviting a customer to come to the shop. Meanwhile, the right hand of the coin gripped the coins to grasp the money that would go to the seller’s wallet.

Cats are mythology stories

Japan also has varied folklore. Well, one of the animals that often appear in those stories is a cat! One of the most popular cats is Nekomata, a human-eating beast cat who lives on a mountain. Nekomata becomes a kind of antagonistic character.

Japanese People Love Cat
Source: citizen.Jawa pos Cat Mythology


But, many folklore also tells the Cats as saviors. For example, a story about a cat that saves a man’s life from thunderbolts. Then, there is also a storytelling cat to save the life of a geisha from the snake bite. Not surprised that cats are used as contemporary Japanese cartoon characters. Call Inuyasha, Maru, until Doraemon. In fact, Doraemon the ROBOT CAT is officially designated as Tokyo Olympic Ambassador 2020!

Cats become a cafe’ business opportunity Icon

Japanese people tend interest in cats is also an opportunity for Cafe’s business. Many a cat-themed Cafe’ shop in Japan. Currently, it reaches 150 outlets the cafes adopted the interior design and the cat ornaments. In fact, there are some cafes where the¬†waiters also wear cat cosplay costumes.

There is a cat island in Japan

Japanese People Love Cat
Source: Catster, Japan Society Cat Island

Japan also has a small island that the majority of residents are cats! The island is called Tashiorojima and is located in Miyagi Prefecture. The area of Tashiorojima is only 1,8 miles and its population is less than 100 people. While the cat’s number there is six times more than humans! Japan also had 12 other small islands inhabited by the majority of cats.

Fortune Cat is known as Maneki Neko in Japanese, which means “Summon paint. ” Paints have claws that are raised as if it’s waved in good luck to the owner.

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