The Bull Headed Shrike Birds Should You Know for Additional Your Knowledge about Species of Birds in The World

Shrike Bird
Male Bull Headed Shrike Birds

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The Bull Headed Shrike Birds Should You Know

Thank you for coming to my page! as we know around the world. That are thousands of species of birds living there we should aware about them. By the day their lives reduce caused by greedy things of human behaviour.

On This section, I share with you about the Bull Headed Shrike Birds (Lanius Bucephalus). Its bird’s habitats usual many people knew there come from Mainly China make them call it name are China birds.

That birds have a little bit look like more big headed then its body and when its birds fly you can see its look unbalanced with their body. Its size commonly around 19-20 cm from head to tail.

Although they named China birds most of them you can find in Southeast Asia country as well as Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand. They spread all of Southeast Asia country.

Bull Headed Shrike Birds Habitats

The habitat of Bullheaded shrike birds commonly finds food in grassland, field land, and bush within the small plant.

The Bullheaded shrike has a view family but on the video below you can see it’s the grey Bull headed shrike. A male have orange headed plumage combine white colour on breasted with a long tail. Different between male the female Bull headed shrike have commonly brown plumage with pattern grid at its breasted.

That birds in the breeding season have laid egg around 3 to 6 and incubated around 14 to 15 days usual build nest in bush and on Bamboo the baby usually 14 days fledge after hatching. The Bull-Headed Birds foot with hunt insects such as beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, dragonfly, flies, etc. Not only insects they also eat lizards.

The Bull Headed Shrike birds is the short fly birds Its once fly around 10 t0 15 feet long a single fly. When they hunting prey the technique almost same like a Kingfisher strategy it just stays on the tree and watching to the ground when some insects or lizard move up there its turn to catch it.

In our Country

In my country, the Bull-Headed Shrike is no one could catch it because they are the birds with not easy to feed. The baby Bull Headed shrike can’t eat pellet or fat nutrition food. They just want to eat insects. the temperature is important for them when it baby if we don’t know to care them it be fatal.


Just that on this page what I wanna share with you. If you have more information about that birds please don’t hesitate to leave a comment what you have great known.

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Bull Headed Shrike Image you may interested credit by Flickr:

Shrike Bird
Female Grey Bull Headed Shrike
Shrike Bird
Male Grey Bull Headed Shrike Birds


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