The American Nationality Bird Bald Eagle Facts Must Be Protect

Hello There! I believe you’re the animal lover.

The predator’s birds particularly an eagle for me an eagle is a perfect raptor in the world.

Love animals lives in the world particularly birds on of them decided by ancient people to the greatest animals and makes it to the icon of the country as well the Bald Eagle.
As you know the North American eagle decided by United Nation of America into their nationality icon that may the strength of that raptor bird. The Bald eagle used to the American flag either.
Adult Bald Eagle Eat Whale Body

Bald eagle mostly habitats in northern American there actually lives around river and sea. Their body has big raptor wich whitetail and neck. Bald eagle diet is feed fish and little birds and little mammals by snatches by its talons on water or ground. In the sea bald eagle fishing. It is can catch fish underwater by it strong talons wich yellow feet.

Bald Eagle Walking

Bald eagle builds the big nest on high tree actually by record cam the bald eagle build very large nest. Then other bird it uses the nest every year to lay eggs and grow their baby.
It’s like the many other eagle build and growing baby together between male and female. They changing to stay on the nest to incubate and caring the nest and other looking for food to bring into the nest.
The bald eagle facts that know million of volunteer together to protect them over the American people. Many of American people love that bird because it is the national bird of the USA for more information you can visit this website. Until know, million bald eagle nest was cam set to watch their behavior and guarantee of their lives is saving by the hunter.
Bald Eagle calls a national bird of United States of America. That the icon of the strong and the grates hunter in the world. Which is it has the very sharp eyes to looking prey even it small on the ground.
The USA philosophy is the police of country in the world they can watch over all of the countries like the bald eagle watch over the sea.
The bald eagle facts for kids you can find on many kinds of literature about them we can tell to our child and future generation there any bald eagle mostly important animal to save and they are not the legendary they real and still alive over the world end.

Here is the bald eagle Cam from amateurs taker.

Bald Eagle Attack Prey

Bald eagle image you can find too much on the internet many people uploaded the bald eagle image into internet early this years for bringing our up into sleep to protect that beautiful bird. There is a view bald eagle image:

Bald Eagle Chick
Bald Eagle Juveline
An Adult Bald Eagle
Feeding Chick Bird
Bald Eagle Egg
Bald Eagle Mating
Bird Video:


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