Should I Let Both Rat And Crow Fight To Death Or Stop Them?

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Should I Let Both Rat And Crow Fight To Death Or Stop Them? 

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On this part, I have a share with you about the solution if we faced a dilemma to make a decision for animals where they fight each other that actually happen fight to the death. If it for prey it no problem but if that for long-term fight make them exhaust and spend more energy for that.

As you know on this blog all about animal lover and I now may you unlike to disturb animsdal instinct but if that happen on you what the best choice for that? Let It fight or seperating them for looking other prey and make its other chance life.

Okay. I have found out the video on youtube that actually serious fight Crow and little baby Opposum but I’m not sure that Opposum it looks like a rat with a wet body. 

Animal Instinct

The most predator animal is aggressively when they look something moving on side them. They eyes very sensitively and most wide and detail for find object even if it so far. 
For example eagle and hawk, they can find and allow to find a little ant on grass even if when they flying high. The bird of prey they are has a strong claw for kill prey very fast with their talon.
When I see that video actually I can’t let them both animal fight but I think I was the wrong choice. I reduced the crow hunting and fight capacity instinct that I think lucky for the rat but the impact for crow is gone of hunting skill and if it faced with other prey made its indecisive to hunting skill itself. 
You can imagine if the animal has the power to catch prey but it not enough confidence to fight with. That makes it look like the stupid animal as we know no one animal is stupid in this world every single animal has an instinct to protect and defend itself although sometimes the enemy has a more skill to defeat.
Rat on Crow Claw

Rat Instinct

The rat may include the crow prey or favorite food but it not easy to beat its rat instinct is bite everything that instinct make crow exhausted to defeat that one prey. The crow should be wasted more energy for that you can see on video the rat bite its beak and that may if un-release make the Crow death and back forward the rat made crow as prey. 

That is if happen can be interested in discussing.

Crow Insticts

As we know crow is the smart bird for find food their can manipulating prey or another competitor like an eagle. The crow is like a meat like the animal dead body and the usual competitors are eagle and vultures. The crow came not alone for a beat competitor they usually crowd to outwit them.
One crow playing to close with their competitors and the other one action for steal food that very smart instinct although it’s very dangerous for them.
Rat Tail strike by Crow

Should I Let Its Rat And Crow Fight To Death Or Stop Them?
Which One My Right Choice?

If you have the same case maybe you can take action like that what I was doing. The best choice is to let them fight for a strong animal but your heart is still speaking to help them to let it go and don’t fight its other.
That thing is normally that is pure of human thinks behaviour. We love peace and want to each animal and people live in peace but if that happens on real animal life may be the predator as well tiger, lion, eagle, sharks and more animal live as predator there is not life anymore until now. 
We can imagine we live just with the vegan animal that not cool right?
Just that my opinion about animal life instinct and I love to hear too from you with leave comment below. 
This is video crow fight rat for food or whatever I saying that.
BTW. I love any animal to still alive besides us.

Thanks for coming to my blog. I do what I can do for share anything what I have for you.


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