Russian Blue Cat Breeds Quick Description

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Russian Blue Cat Breeds Quick Description

russian blue
russian blue

Russian blue

Russian Blue Description
Country Russia
Competitive Registration/ Qualification CFA, FIFe, TICA, AACE, ACF, ACFA/CAA, CCA-AFC, GCCF
Coat type Short, plush, soft, velvety. dense, smooth
Color Greyish-blue with silver tips
Pattern Ticked
Eye color Yellow in kittens, bright emerald green in adult
Body Size Medium
Appearance Long, slender, fine-boned and elegant body, robust and muscular built, double layered short, thick furry coat, broad head, straight nose, widely set, round eyes slanting at the corners, large, erect ears, and a long, well-proportioned tail.
Lifespan 10 – 20 years
Size Weight 7- 15 pounds
Litter size 3 Kittens
Behavior Friendly, intelligent, playful, curious, calm, gentle
Lap Cat Yes
Shedding Moderately
Vocalization Low
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic No

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