Releasing Bird From Pet Store to Wild Life in Their Habitat

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Release Bird From Pet Store

Releasing Bird
Releasing Bird
Releasing Bird

Hello There!

This week I have a mission I call it the critical mission to save birds that idea initiative by me to save birds in my environment. I saw the birds decreasing day by day event that by hunter for sale them to pet store like bird’s store.

The traditional pet store Usually they don’t have the website yet but that enough to reduce bird by high local sales. Because pet store looks small that traditional but the sales every day to much for animals like birds.

On that based I have idea to save them and released them to the habitat. On a week, I was 3 time take video about released birds about 5 birds I was released to the wild.

If you agree with me to save bird from illegal commercials. Help me through visit and share this website and subscribe my YouTube channel below to save more birds.

Here is my action video to save bird by buy the birds and released them to wild and ask to store owner that totally illegal to make animal as commercial goods.

Release Dove Bird video

Release Bird save two Headed Bull Birds video:

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