Persian Kitten Born With Two Head In Bangkok Thailand

The Persian cat has given birth to a rare two-headed kitten and the owner is determined to stay alive for as long as possible.

Chabaprai Nilpet, 52, of the Moo 2 village of Tambon Don Krabueang in the district of Ban Pong, said the cat’s mother gave birth to a normal kitten on Monday but seems to have trouble giving more.

He took him to the clinic where the veterinarian did Caesarean, gave two kittens and to surprise everyone, one of them had two heads, said Mrs. Chabaprai.

Rare Bicephalic kittens have difficulty breathing, so the veterinarian stimulates his lungs and the power of his life is strengthened.

Returning home, Mrs. Chabaprai said she used a syringe to feed her strange-but-loved kittens because she could not suck her milk directly from her mother. He also regularly rubs his chest to stimulate his lungs.

“I named the left head gold and the right one silver. I will give you the best care so that it can live as long as possible because I have never seen such a rare cat, “he said.

Mrs. Chabapral is a cat-lover who claims and has about 10 of them. (Sources)


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