Mum says children the school has banned boys from wearing Clarks shoes, treating them like animals.

The mother of a student at Moorside High School in Cellarhead, Staffordshire, has criticized the school’s new uniform policy, which has banned boys from wearing Clarks shoes. The headteacher has been accused of making the school into a “military camp” with the crackdown on rule-breaking students.

Mum says children 'treated like animals' as school bans boys wearing Clarks shoes
A general view of Moorside High School (Image Stoke Sentinel)

Last week, every isolation space and classroom was reportedly filled with students who had been punished. The new policy has focused on footwear, and Nike Air Forces and Hush Puppies are now also banned.

The school’s dress code reportedly includes rules about clothing materials and one girl was reportedly disciplined for wearing a skirt made of the wrong material. One parent said her 8th-grade son was told he could not wear his Clarks shoes because they resemble Nike Air Force shoes, according to Stokeontrentlive.

A 36-year-old mother from Werrington has said that her son has been put in isolation after the school banned shoes. She said that the school is there for an education and not to treat children like “caged animals.” The children are eating their lunch in their isolation rooms and are not allowed to mix with their peers during lunch breaks.

My son has been checked by the headmaster four times and each time he has been found wearing Clarks school shoes. The headmaster has said that if he catches my son wearing these shoes again, he will be sent to isolation. I have told the headmaster that he can only do this over my dead body. There are already a lot of children in isolation and the isolation classrooms are full.

If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it. This comes after another mom of a child at the school said thatPrimark shoes had left her daughter in agony.

Moorside High School has released another statement to Stoke-on-Trentlive about their uniform policy. Headteacher Darryn Robinson stated that their uniform creates a sense of identity and community for their pupils and that these changes are part of a larger plan to raise standards within the school as well as create a source of pride. The uniform policy itself has not changed.

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The school kept parents, guardians, and pupils updated on all changes to the uniform policy, starting from June of last year up until this September.

They made some changes in June, after consulting with parents, and then made final adjustments this September so that families would not have to spend any extra money.

We have collaborated with families to make the transition as seamless as possible. At school, students are given work that is aligned with their curriculum at all times.

We are still working closely with families to make sure that our learners have the best expectations and outcomes.

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