Indonesia Firefighter Officer Services Rescue The Cat Stuck In The Sewer

Firefighters officers East Jakarta Fire and Rescue services must be covered in mud to evacuate a domestic cat stuck in the sewer, on Wednesday (18/12/2019) local time.

cat rescue
cat rescue;
image source: ANTARA/HO-Damkar Jaktim

After the cat successfully evacuated, the owner said many thanks to the officer.”Thank you too much for saving my cat. Sorry if the officer is smudged, “said the cat owner, Risa. The officer is known as Ahmad Fahri.

The cat goes out of the house when the owner bathing the cat and suddenly it’s run out to the road before the biker almost bumping it and fall into the sewer. The officer spends 30 minutes finding out the cat in the tunnel.

cat Images:



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