How To Trap Sparrow Bird Using Simple String

Making a trap for someone is easy. Some easy ways can be found in many youtube videos, but making an effective trap is not easy to implement as shown in many videos on Youtube. In this article, I show you how to trap sparrow birds using string thread the effective to catch small bird-like sparrow birds.

How to trap sparrows using a simple trap?

how to trap a sparrow bird

I try to make the trap method simple to make and implement to sparrow birds that work. Easy to make and easy to get a bird with little effort on it. I just test the trap many times to find the right formula.

Using string with a simple thread to catch sparrows in the park is too easy than imagine. Put the trap and put a little food lure that the sparrow love to eat such as beans, corn, rice, and whatever they love.

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Just watch this sparrow trap video to make sure it works perfectly.

Sparrow Bird Trap Use Simple String Video:

The cat takes over the sparrow on the trap

At the end of the video, a cat ran too fast than me to catch the trapped sparrow bird which make me a shock. The cat suddenly appears wing high-speed run. It almost bites my legs when I try to get the bird. As we know, a cat is the best hunter in the world. Isn’t, right?

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Although I make a perfect trap for a sparrow bird, That is just to test the skill to trap birds to really use for eliminating the bird in the world just to show a tutorial for who needs if the lack food condition to survive may bird can be alternative food for a short time.


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