How To Syringe Feed A Kitten That Won’t Eat

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How can I force-feed a cat?

Today just to give you some pointers and show you how to syringe feed a cat. I’m going with a cat today but this method also works on a dog. What you’ll need to get started? Use the Royal Canin recovery formula sort.

We sort of describe it as a portion of baby food for cats and dogs it has a really smooth consistency so it’s easy to get in and out of the Syringe you can also use baby food you can also use the science diet ad or any diet that your vet recommends that you syringe feed.

how to syringe feed a kitten that won’t eat

You can always put it in a blender with some water to get it to a good consistency that will go through the syringe. Use the Royal Canin recovery it’s easy to what we have you’re also going to need a syringe your vet will suggest how much you need to do at a time.

Just going to use a 6 ml syringe

Just going to use a 6 ml syringe because it’s easy. Sometimes the larger syringes if you have smaller hands get difficult to fill and hold and depress the plunger so a lot of times I’ll use a smaller syringe and then go back and fill it up to get to the amount that’s recommended. To fill the syringe with a food you can use a spoon. You can use a butter knife anything that you find easy to popsicle stick anything that you find easy to help load the syringe with food.

A little hand towel to wrap food down cat’s chest. So what you want to do to begin is go ahead and if you have a new can of food that hasn’t been refrigerated the consistency is going to be a lot better once it gets in the fridge it gets a little harder and more compact and you may have to add a little water to get it to a consistency that you like or put it in the microwave for just five to ten seconds.

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can you feed a kitten with a syringe

Just make sure it doesn’t get too hot in the microwave it doesn’t take that long at all. This is we have a new can that will make it a little bit easier. Open your can of food and then open your syringe and you can load the syringe one of two ways.

If you have warm food it’s a softer consistency you can just stick the tip of the syringe into the food and pull it back and it will pull food into the syringe. The other way to do it is to actually take the plunger out you can pull that plunger all the way out take your popsicle stick or spoon or whatever you’re going to use and just load it in through the back like that.

just keep loading the syringe

You just keep loading you don’t want to fill it all the way because you are going to have to put the plunger back in it. And then you’ll have food come out can be a little bit messy doing it this way. So, just be prepared to kind of make a little bit of a mess, and then just take your plunger and put it back in gently. And then just push the food up to the top and finish filling the syringe.

If you need to have some air in there and you can fit more food in there. All you have to do is hold it by the base of the plunger don’t hold the syringe. Hold the plunger and tap it on a table. Just a few times and it will cause all the food to sort of come back down and you’ll be able to get them all in there.

Use a paper towel to wipe off the syringe

And then just press the air out of it and it looks pretty full at this point at 6 mils. So, we need to have a paper towel just to wipe off the syringe before getting started because it can get messy.

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If it gets on your hands, it’s going to get on the cat and it just becomes sort of really messy. At that point, keep a paper towel to either wipe off your hands or the syringe. While you’re feeding and then with the syringe just going to sort of come to the corner of cat’s mouth and depress the syringe.

Just maybe half a CC at a time. And give him a chance to swallow and then give him more. Then all you have to do is just take their head in your hand. If you’ll do this good and just take the syringe into the corner of their mouth and just put a little bit of food in there and just give them a chance to swallow.

Just keep doing that until he’s had the recommended him out now if they tend to get stressed while you’re doing it you can always stop and give them a break. And then start again.

can you feed a kitten with a syringe
how to feed a kitten without a syringe

Give time to take a break

Sometimes you’ll see that in the beginning, they’ll be swallowing it and they’ll be more amenable to taking the food towards the end of your amount. If it’s a larger amount you’ll see them start to spit it out and not want to swallow it that might be a good time to take a break.

If you’re having trouble with How To Syringe Feed A Kitten That Won’t Eat. They don’t seem to want to swallow it at all. The other thing you can do is once you put it in their mouth. Put it in the corner of his mouth and then you can kind of hold their mouth shut a little bit and hope that they take some of it down.

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You do have a cat that’s getting a little bit grumpy or doesn’t like to be syringe-fed. Food is kind of growling at us. But you need help this is how another person can help you. They can just make a little kitten burrito like to call it with the towel with the bib and hold it and then they can sort of stay the head. And also hold down these front paws as well because sometimes they’ll try to come up and grab your hand and a syringe out of the way.

Still going to go into the corner of the cat’s mouth

Still going to go in the corner of his mouth and give him a bite of food that way and that’s just another way and a lot of times. If you need another hand that’s just a good rule of thumb to have your holder brightest sort of holding the front paws down under the towel.

That’s always a good thing to do and then just put the towel down and just kind of go from there and just go slowly. It doesn’t need to be fast and if you miss just have your paper towel and you can wipe the syringe off on a paper towel as you need to and try again. And a lot of times it’s easier to do multiple small meals gearing the day instead of feeding a large amount at one time. Where they like it in their stomach might get upset.

They might get nauseous. They’ll get tired of being syringe fed. So, it’s a lot of times it’s easier to just do 6 or 12 CCs at a time. All right that How To Syringe Feed A Kitten That Won’t Eat with an easy way to implement in your cat. Hopefully, this guide will help your cat and getting better.

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