How to Raise Hummingbird on Your Hand and Know It Favourite Food

To know the hummingbird food

brown throated sunbird female
brown throated sunbird female

A month ago, I was found the little hummingbird (Brown-throated sunbird) in my yard, I saw the baby hummingbird fall in bush caused by fire ant attack its nest. Fortunately, the single one baby survived to jump out from its nest and hide in the bush before I found it.

But, I was so sad to tell you about another one baby bird that not survived from ants attack that killed the baby bird. When I saw the baby hummingbird I try to catch him and I saw his left leg was broken.

For this reason, I take it to hire it and raise the baby on my hand until the baby bird health and can release into the habitat in my yard someday.

Here is the hummingbird video:

What I did the first before making a decision to care about baby birds. First, I have to know what the hummingbird food. I search on the internet and know the main food is the nectar that difficult for me how to find it. Watch the hummingbird video here

But it has submitted food the hummingbird also like the sweet water and that easy to make it I can use the sugar and mix with honey. The second is an easy one that you should know what it needs you to have to take them in a comfortable place as well he in the nest.

Actually, in this case, is Asian hummingbirds beside it eat nectar also eat the larvae particularly baby bird that makes me easy to hire it on that day. Before I continue you should check this video the first day me and the baby hummingbird.

Check out this link video

On that day, I just give him sugar water and I mix it with honey that makes the bird-like it and asks me to give him more. I also gave him three little spiders on that night.

Until now the hummingbird was growing fast it was about 2 months old and I busy preparing to release it into the habitat and I want him to survive in the wild because that I should make sure he is ready for that.

#I was named the little hummingbird is Kobi

Look at the video below history I and Kobi video do not miss it every video has its own history.

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#Feeding hummingbird first day

#Hummingbird a week old

#Feeding Hummingbird with larvae

You can find all of the history videos about how I hire hummingbirds until it is healthy and ready to release on my Youtube Channel.


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