How To Catch Grasshopper To Feed White-Breasted Waterhen Bird In The House

The white-breasted waterhen is a waterbird of the rail and crake family, Rallidae, that is widely distributed across South and Southeast Asia. They are dark slaty birds with a clean white face, breast, and belly (Wikipedia).

This article explained a bit story about how I got the birds and raising it until now. Two white-breasted waterhen birds enter in my house since I was found them in the land field when the bird chick. The abandoned little chick I found walk like left by the parent it seems to danger for it if leave the bird alone. So, I decided to adopt them into my pet.

feeding bird
feeding bird

I search on the internet on how to feed them and raising them on my hand, the bird typically water bird so, I provided much water on its side and make sure their enough water to drink or to take a bath. The main food I give them chicken concentrate and sometimes I feeding them with gobies and little grasshopper.

So, glad to see the birds grow well. I also filming them when I catch grasshopper to feed the bird in my home. Please watch the video for detail:

Feeding grasshopper to the waterhen bird I

Feeding grasshopper to the waterhen bird II

white breasted waterhen
white-breasted waterhen

Feeding grasshopper to the waterhen bird III

Feeding worm to the little coconut hummingbird

The last video showed the little coconut hummingbird stand prefer on my hand to ask the food. I am so happy to feed him with the worm. She like eating worm too much so when she wants to eat she always flies to my hand and opens the mouth.



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