How To Building Diy Cat Tree Ideas PDF Plans

Building Diy Cat Tree Ideas

Do you love your cat but hate the look of a traditional cat tree? If so, then you’ll love these DIY cat tree ideas! With a little creativity and simple supplies, you can easily make a cat tree that’s both stylish and functional.

For a simple cat tree, a more advanced cat tree, a cat tree with a hammock, and several other cat trees. If you’re good with tools, you can build a DIY cat tree.

You can build a cat tree using wood, branches, rope, PVC pipe, carpeting, and many more materials. It’s a ​straightforward building project that you should be able to put together with ease for a reasonable cost.

Here are DIY cat tree ideas:

  1. Cat Climbing Wall: If you’re handy with tools, you can easily create a cat climbing wall. Simply attach some shelves to a wall using brackets or screws, and then add some carpet or fabric to the shelves for your cat to grip onto.
  2. Cat Scratching Post: A scratching post is a must-have for any cat, and you can easily make one yourself. Just wrap a sturdy post with sisal rope or fabric, and then add a base so it doesn’t tip over.
  3. Hanging Cat Bed: For a stylish and modern cat tree idea.

How to Build a DIY Cat Tree Video:

With some simple materials and a little imagination, you can build the cat tree your feline friends have been dreaming about here’s what you’ll need. First, ensure the cat tree won’t tip over by giving it a solid foundation cut to 24 by 30-inch pieces of half-inch thick plywood then apply glue to fasten them together a large substantial base is especially important.

If you’re building a very tall tree or you have multiple cats. Consider covering the base in carpet or an old rug to provide extra traction, cut out a section several inches larger than your board and flip the material upside down. Then place the board on top and wrap it tightly over the board’s edges. Cutting away excess material to eliminate bulk. Secure it with quarter-inch staples. next, you can use sections of PVC pipe or cut two-by-fours as your vertical supports

If using two fours screw or nail to pieces together to create a square more substantial post. Now, you can properly secure the posts to the plywood base with long wood screws so the tree is structurally sound these supports also serve as enticing scratching posts. When wrapped tightly with thick twine or rope use a combination of wood glue and hot glue to secure the twine or rope so it’ll hold up well against little claws.

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Next, attach boards on top of the vertical supports so there are multiple platforms for jumping and lounging. Keep in mind these boards shouldn’t be as large or heavy as the trees plywood base once cut to the desired shape and size you can cover these with carpet to use long wood screws to secure the platforms to the tree and for added entertainment fasten a toy to the posts or hang pom-poms on the underside of the platforms if your cat likes to curl up.

In cozy corners treat them to a custom cubby whether you build one from plywood or create one from sturdy cardboard like this concrete form. Your cat will be happy to check in and stay for a while then give it a fresh coat of paint or cover it in the carpet. Before securing it to the platform using wood glue or screws your cat will love its new hangout almost as much as it loves you good luck.

DIY cat tree for small spaces

If you have a small space for a cat tree, you can build one yourself! Here is how:

1. Start by measuring the space where you want the tree to go. Make sure the base of the tree is at least 18 inches off the ground.

2. Cut a piece of plywood to the correct measurements and attach it to the wall with mounting screws.

3. Cut a piece of wood to the correct dimensions and attach it to the plywood base.

4. Cut a piece of wood to the correct dimensions and attach it to the top of the tree.

5. Cut a piece of wood to the correct dimensions and attach it to the bottom of the tree.

6. Cut a piece of wood to the correct dimensions and attach it to the sides of the tree.

7. Cut a piece of wood to the correct dimensions and attach it to the top of the sides of the tree.

8. Cut a piece.

Awesome DIY Cat Tree With Real Branches

Diy Cat Tree Ideas

Brittany Goldwyn has designed this fun and stylish cat tree that will look great in any home. This project is perfect for beginning woodworkers and uses real tree branches, plywood, stones, rope, and faux greenery to create a unique and fun climbing structure for your indoor kitty.

How to Make a Cat Tree

Diy Cat Tree Ideas

This is a cat tree that should be easy to build. It consists of five platforms supported by four beams. The second part of this guide at wikiHow shows how to make a different cat tree using an old wooden ladder.

Cat Tree Tower Plans

Diy Cat Tree Ideas

This free cat tower plan at Imgur stands 6 feet tall with 2 platforms—one at the top and one a few feet from the base, as well as an empty, carpeted inside for the cat to move up and down through.

There are several images in this plan as well as specific instructions on what to do to build the whole thing.


Kitty Condo Plans by Dadand

Diy Cat Tree Ideas

This website provides a guide to building a cat condo like the one seen in the picture. The project includes four platforms and three support beams. It is estimated to cost around $25 and will take two hours to finish.

How to Make a Cat Tree from HGTV

Diy Cat Tree Ideas

Hgtv provides a free plan for building a cat condo out of PVC pipe and rope. The condo consists of a stand with three baskets attached. The project can be completed in the afternoon, with the help of the materials list, color photos, and written instructions provided.

Building a Free Cat Tree

Diy Cat Tree Ideas’s free cat tree plan includes a top platform, a small home, a bed, and a tube, all of which are fully carpeted. The plan shows you everything you need for putting this together, including the list of materials, all the basic tools required, and 15 steps.

How to Build a Cat Tree Small Spaces

Diy Cat Tree Ideas

This free plan for a cat tree includes a materials list, written instructions, and color photos. It features multiple perches, a hiding spot, a hammock, and various places for your cat to scratch and play with toys.

Cheap Kitty Tree

Diy Cat Tree Ideas

This plan explains how to build three platforms with ramps to access them for an estimated cost of $20 to $50. It should be easy enough to put together even for beginners with a total of 10 steps in this guide, plus tools and a shopping list, and several real pictures you can refer to as you move through them.

A DIY Cat Tree Plan PDF version of this plan is also available here


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