How About Feeding Black Ant with Honey! I Didn't to Keep Ants

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How About Feeding Black Ant with Honey! I Didn’t to Keep Ants

Have a nice day today let’s I show you about ants in my house. I Just take them on my side like as little friend. These are my opinion and I want to hear from you too.

I just share about my experiment about Ant particularly Black Ant. The firstable I have Idea about Ant when I saw many Ant around my floor house they run and walking with hand in hand each other.

They not many if walking around just two for five Ant. Look there are parent guide the child to teach them to find food just it looks like.

The Black Ant body bigger than another ant as Red Ant or tree of ant they have little big head and strong mouth for killing prey but they not aggressive like Red Ant.
The Black Ant like other ants they also like the sweet thing I dont know why they not hunting prey for food may like grasshopper for bringing to their colony.

When I saw they ambiguous turn around on my place I get a point honey to drop to the floor and not wait for long I saw the Black Ant coming to drink honey to the end. His stomach swell soon I just saw the Ant look like greedy too.

Rid ants in my house are can’t my hobby I like ants when they just live and stay at my house so far they don’t disturb me. I have fun to watch ant activity as they looking food for their colony and attack other like insects too.

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If you rid ants colony in your house my it little difficult because they still build again nest in your part house they habit just at your home suite wheater for them.

I think difficult even if you use pesticide it not danger for ants but also to us. We know pesticide is not all secure for human that impact may cause to human too like blown and that can be fatal too.

I have tips with make me fun with ats on my house I just feeding them with honey as we know the ants like a sweet things to eat. Took a point of honey to drop it on my floor then watch them eating honey through the end.

Looks at ant’s stomach is fully like ballon as fill up that amazing for me and I feel freedom can give a gift for little guys.

If you want to rid ants in your house please thinks again are they disturb your life or just you hate them because they just walk around you. I think the little animal has a soul too like us and have felt too.

If you killing ants at your house it may be unbalancing live around you as if ants hunting insect that can be your planting save also may cause ants around you the other dangerous animal like a centipede, scorpion or another most dangerous animal like snake do not dare to come up to your house.

The ants more benefit for us do not take feel they annoying to you but take them as a friend with useful for us. I just suggest a positive kind of my article for safe animal around us. If you found out dangerous animal take It carefully and call animal keeper for saving them to the right place.

many thanks for coming to my blog and me so happy to hear from you too with leave comment and watching my video about ants below.

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