Here is White Headed Bulbull Bird Should You Know

White Headed Bulbul Bird Should You Know

Thanks for coming. I just share beautiful bird beside my home I call it White Headed Bulbul. The bird fruits eater and have a louder voice when It singing in the morning.
White Headed Bulbul Bird Should You Know. They not only eat fruits but also insects are favorites food particularly when they have the baby.
The White-headed Bulbul (hypsipetes Thompson) they are the songbird family you can found them as Southeast Asia as well as Myanmar, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia. They commonly live in lowland in subtropical forest.
It bird breeding around June – December periods has laid the 2-3 egg each nest a year. The baby growth around 3 weeks and juvenile when a month old they handling by the mother to the new journey.
BTW. Thanks for coming and leave the comment if you have more knowledge about bird particularly White Headed Birds.

Check this video White Headed Bulbul Release:


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