Finding Gobies Fish For Feeding Birds At Home

Today I am looking for gobies for croaker birds at home.

The birds that live in swamps certainly love to eat fish. Luckily, in the gutter near my house so many gobies fish were their breed.

So, I catch the gobies to feed the croaking birds today.

The gobies fish here are very useful for natural predators of the larva so that every mosquito lays eggs in the gutter can be eaten by this small fish.

croaking bird hunt fish
croaking bird hunt fish

This can reduce the impact of dengue fever in this region. the most popular disease in the tropics is caused by the bite by aides aegypti mosquitos which can cause the victim to severe fever due to a fall in blood platelets.

Okay, back to finding gobies, I can get gobies fish easily by filtering them in sewers. It only takes ten minutes.

I have collected hundreds of small gobies that are very in demand by my croaking at home. They certainly can’t wait to eat gobies.

Since they were birth I never gave them fish, their substitute food is usually I give grasshoppers, dragonflies, and worm but not often. This bird also likes caterpillars, ant eggs, and termites.

Because it is difficult to find it all I don’t give too often.

Looks, they are hesitated to catch fish in a container because it is first but after trying to catch it. The birds turned out that the fish was delicious and kept pecking into the water to hunt gobies.

Watch the birds video:


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