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Free Feeding Wet or Dry Food for Cat

Feeding a cat is not a difficult thing but you don’t be just fed without a good schedule and good diet contain.

If you keep a cat for the first time for your pet, the question is how much should feed cat per day? Sometimes you may feel whether the cat eats a bit or more.

Feeding Kittens is not a complicated thing depends on view variables such as weight and age of the cat a variety of food that you gave, cats activity, and whether your cats are pregnant or breastfeeding period.

The food brand you give to a cat will make a difference in a cat’s health condition. For example, high-quality dry food will contain more nutrients among quality dry food low so for the same nutrients needed fewer portions.

Many pet cat owners who give free access for their cats and always fill full feeder may be that for if the situation when a cat is hungry there is food is always exist in a feeder.

However, to use this method have to be careful cat will be overweight and obesity especially when it’s without a balanced drink.

# So. What I should be feeding cats?

Cats are carnivorous animals that mean cats needed food a kind of meat or fish as carnivores’ cats need some protein as fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins.

# Cat feeding guide wet and dry

feeding a cat dry is just like meals or snacks for a cat the main cat food in the wild. We have known are meat and fish or insect-like grasshopper and so on If you feeding the cat with wet is a good thing like fish, eggs and fresh meat.

That all-natural cat food but if they are as a pet in your home that must remember they sometimes vomiting food if the cat eats fresh meat so that why the dray food is alternative but it’s not good enough for a cat

Feed enough vitamin and nutrition for a cat we recommended you feeding your cat with eggs that for health cat reason you can give the eggs one time every two days that enough for cat nutrition.

# Feed the cat with balanced nutrients

cat feeding free
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Make sure cat food vitamins and nutrients are contained. An adult cat avoids feeding with high protein that would cause kidney problems for cats.

Otherwise for kitten’s old that highly recommended to feed with high protein because it would be good for its growth.

You may have to be selective to choose the cat diet because there are many cat food products not all of them are good for your cats. Catster reported according to the Animal Medical Center of New York an adult cat with 8 pounds requires about 240 calories per day. That means for each 1 pound cats need 30 calories per day. So, how weigh your cats?

Focus on the calories on food packaging and specify to fulfill food with calories needed per day then distribute that with the feedings frequency (2-3 times a day).

Normally for a day cat eating about 2% of its weight. So, when your cat weighs 11-pound food needed about 2% x 11 pounds is 100 grams per day.

# How often you should be feeding your cats?

Free Feeding Cat
Free Feeding Cat

Normally, a cat should be fed twice a day in the morning and evening to help the cat to raise appetite purposes. Although there are usually they Meow-Meow every day ask for food.

even if you have fed them that you have to hold your hand to overfeeding to your cat that all about the overweight reason. Always free-feeding cats with follow on track your schedule plan.

That makes you happy that don’t be greedy to feeding too much your cat each time just control with enough portion each time feeding.

You may need to add or reduce the feeding portion see on the cat’s weight when a cat looks fat, it’s good to reduce food portions but if a cat looks thin then you need feeding more through the cat good weight.

The fat or thin your cats can find out by touch its ribs if touched rib feels obvious then it can be known to the skinny cat fat cat ribs will not be felt when touched because it covered in fat

# When your cat has more than one

If you have more than one cat you have to make sure they got enough food balance with their age and weight. When there is a challenge each other to get food and that because there is a cat to eat less food you must take feeder separately

# Don’t forget about important things always provide enough drink

Make sure to always provide enough drinks because cats need drinks to keep attention to replace drink water in their bottles because cats like to drink fresh water.

Cat drinking a lot is a low risk of kidney problems with cats drinking less this is because the water will help watery the urine and be absorbed in its intestine.

Caution if giving milk for a cat. Don’t feed a cat with milk containing sugar (lactose) because it can cause diarrheas the cats haven’t the enzyme lactase that is useful to processing sugar.

If you want to feed milk to your cat are make sure that is milk particularly for a cat as an alternative you can feed a cat with the non-lactose milk get it in a pet shop or store.

Well, Provide the cat food enough suitable portions Don’t make your cat fat because obesity is dangerous for the cat healthy always keep the feeding schedule program and keep the cat always hygiene condition to avoid virus and bacterial infection can interfere cat healthy.

Always remember a healthy cat there is sign of a great owner

# Watch This Feeding Eggs for Cats Video


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