Bombay Cat Quick Information

Quick Information about Bombay cat

Bombay cat Photo by Julia Filirovska
Bombay Cat Quick Information and Description
Coat type Short, dense, smooth, sleek
Eye color British Bombay: Yellow, orange, green
American Bombay: Copper or golden
Pattern Glossy and velvety
Color Black
Lifespan/Life expectancy 15 to 20 years
Physical Appearance Muscular built; large round head; short muzzle; broad, curved, widely set ears; long legs and straight tail
Body Type Medium
Weight ( Size) Male: 8 to 11 pounds
Female: 6 to 9 pounds
Lap Cat Yes
Behavioral Characteristics Curious, active, affectionate, intelligent, gentle, playful, fun-loving
Vocalization Moderate to high, often resorting to increased crying and meowing particularly at night
Good with Children Yes
Shedding ( Do they shed) Minimal
Are they hypoallergenic No
Country United State
Competitive Registration/ Qualification TICA, CCA-AFC, CFA, ACF, AACE, ACFA/CAA,


Bombay cat video:
Bombay cat images

Este olhar …Bart,nós não te esquecemos !!!

Esse gatinho fofinho, lembra minha Sashinha.


Boa noite

my cats have done this 😀

AH! Muito lindo.

“If a black cat crosses your path, it means the animal is going somewhere.” –Groucho Marx

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jocatssax: “ maxchloe: Basking in a warm glow – Chloe ”

Found on n-e-u-t-r-o-n.tum… via Tumblr

Parece o Manchinha , meu gato da Rua 14 .


A black kitty starts a special friendship with an unusual friend from the ocean. A dolphin who comes onshore to meet the cat every time he comes to the waters.


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