Black Ants Competition In Pursuit Of Sugar Liquid

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Here is new post about how to feeding ants easy easy using sugar water near it nest. We know each ants like drink sugar and that reason I put sugar water to feeding them. at the early first black ant coming to food ant than it sent signal to it nest not wait for long time the crowds of ant coming to drinks together while the black ants drink also small sugar ants come to eat also but it defeat by black ants colony.

If you love ants to experiment you must have this for your ant farm that quite cheap for experiment. 

Watching video above for more detail you can see ant behaviour to pursuits food. This video suite for your kids to tell them how to learn from ants, as we know the ants instincts is more valuable to apply on our live.

Before this post I already post video about feeding ants too that quite different because on previous video I feeding honey to an ants you can see that video on Youtube I uploaded a month ago that surprise me the Ant just drinks for it self without give the signal for it colony member.

You can check article about feeding honey to ants here.

If you love ant or wanna be a friend as ants to pet you also can build ants farm on your own at home. I very recommended you to have tool for your ants that actually very easy for you to watch them activity.

Check out this tool:

You also can see all ant stuff experiment on here

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