Awesome 8 Cats Behavior Facts That Most Interested

Do you are people who keep cats as a pet at home? Or are you interested in adopting it? It’s likely that you want this pet because they’re interested in their cuteness?

Well, for you cat lovers, it’s a good idea to know the interesting facts about their nature, behavior, and habits gathered from these sources. But before we get into that section, we see first let’s take a moment of unique facts about the cat that existed in the past.

Cats in history

You have heard a cat sent as spies? Well, this is not a fiction story. The CIA once implemented this “tactic” in the Cold War in their attempts to spy on the Soviets. With a radio transmitter planted in the head and mic mounted on the ears, a cat can also be a secret agent.

But the spy cat was hit by a taxi while his first mission, certainly unintentionally.

It was the story of the Cold War. Next, do you have to wonder where the cat came from? There is one story that says the cat was “born” by a lion. Anciently, in anticipation of the supply of food deposited in the ark from a rat’s attack, Noah asked God for protection. The result is one or two cats coming out of the lion’s nose as he sneezes. But this one story is just a legend. not a true story.

Cats = Sleeping Animals

Cats are as if born naturally as lazies. On average a cat can spend 70% of his life, or 16 hours per day, with sleep. Say there is a nine-year-old cat. That means he “just” woke up for about three years.

So if your cat often sleeps, it’s really natural. Cats do need a lot of sleep to conserve their energy in doing activities. Activity hunting and playing.

Bringing the prey to home

Cats are essentially the ultimate hunter and carnivores. So when they show their likes in humans, they will demonstrate it with the only way they know: giving the game a result.

Some say this behavior because they think we can not find food by themselves. Therefore, cats,
especially those of females, apply as if they are mothers who must teach you how to get food
and eat right.


Cats versus Dogs

That is not to declare the cat an Immortal enemy dog. The statement itself is not 100% true. I
mean here more into comparing the ability of cats with dogs.

Generally, people assume dogs have excellent listening abilities, much better than humans. But apparently, cats have better hearing than the dog. In addition, cats have 100 kinds of sounds that can be removed, than dogs that can make 10 different sounds.

So in both cases, cats are superior to dogs. Another plus point, cats are more nurtured than dogs.

Cats love the high

cat also ability to land smoothly if it falls from a high. It is even believed that they could survive when they dropped from somewhere as high as 65 to 1049 feet. They can do that because they are skilled at adjusting the position and can reduce the speed when dropping from high.

Cats take time to adjust his body position. That’s why the cats are likely to survive from the eight to the 32 floors, than if they fall from the third to the seventh floor.

Cats rarely meowing to another cat

Just a kitten who likes meowing, because they still need the parent’s attention. Cats even meowing in humans it’s also often if they have any more needs.

You’ve heard a cat meowing to other cats? So the information I wrote above is not true!

They also sometimes like to meow into other cats, especially if they’re mating or if they get distracted with their friends. But in normal situations, cats usually prefer sizzling or snoring to fellow cats.

Why does a cat have a mustache?

The reason is not to make it look fashionable or masculine. Mustache in cats plays a much more important role in their daily lives, namely to gauge whether their bodies can fit through a gap or not.

So if you say no more work, never think of shaving a cat mustache well. In addition to the
human mustache grower is not proven to be potent when applied to cats.

Drink salt water is not a problem for cats

Might you’ve heard that the saltwater can cause dehydration if you are drunk? But for cats, it is no problem with. The salts contained in seawater can apparently be filtered similarly to their kidneys. As a result, they can survive by drinking saltwater without having dehydration.

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