After An Abandoned Cat Its Was Died Hit By A Car

Clay county cat care is urging people not to abandon animals after the rescue learned of two kittens being abandoned recently – one of which was struck by a car and died.

Cat Rescue Is Asking People To Not Abandoned
Trevor the kitten who was dumped near St Austell. Fortunately Trevor was found and taken into care (Image: Clay County Cat Care)

The rescue is dedicated to helping and rehoming the many cats and kittens that are abandoned, abused, and in need of help. The rescue spoke of two instances of cats being heartlessly discarded by owners recently. The rescue began by introducing Trevor, a kitten dumped in the St. Mewan area.

“We rescued a kitten this morning who was found in a bush screaming his heart out. A supporter took him in for the night and the family whose CCTV footage showed a car dumping the kitten checked to make sure he was okay. It seems the kitten was dumped around midnight.”

“PLEASE PLEASE DONT DUMP ANY ANIMAL, and if they are struggling to care for them to reach out to rescue for help. It recounts a story of an animal that was abandoned but luckily did not wander onto a busy road. The animal will be kept safe and rehomed when it is old enough and has had basic medical care.

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The care center wants to use this as a reminder: to help reduce the number of animals that are killed or suffer as a result of abandonment A cat that was recently abandoned was not as lucky as Trevor. Clay County Cat Care says they were made aware of a kitten that was abandoned near Trelowth. Sadly, this cat wandered into the path of traffic and was killed. The care center wants to use this as a reminder that abandonment can lead to animals being killed or suffering.


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