A Woman Who Could Not Come To Terms With The Idea That Old Dogs Die Alone Turns Her House Into A Pet Shelter – And Now Takes Care Of 80 Mongrels At Once

A pet lover who couldn’t stand the thought of old dogs dying alone has turned her home into a hospice – and is now caring for 80 mongrels at the same time.

Valerie Reed, 44, founded the Whispering Willows, a nonprofit shelter for elderly dogs in Hermitage, Missouri, in 2017, after she struggled to find a home for her father’s aging Doberman. Report Dailymail.

Pet lover from Hermitage, Missouri, wants senior dogs to have happy end years

She recalled: “My husband and I were at the limit of the possibilities for pets in our city and could not take her with us. We were looking everywhere for some kind of rescue that could help, but because of her age, no one wanted to take her in.

Now Valerie accepts dogs that have been in a shelter for a long time, whose owners have died or moved to an institution for a retirement facility.

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Valerie Reid, 44, started Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary in 2017


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