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Japan cat cafe

The Most Common Cats In Japan Became As Popular Business Icon

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Why Japanese adopt cats?

Fit for life in japan beyond that many elderly people are living alone families are smaller lots of people are out at work all day fewer people are getting married maybe some of them feel lonely then there’s covet 19 a lot of people have been coping by themselves in situations like that a cat is an ideal companion

That’s interesting who live there were no children in the home and started having cats although the owner didn’t actually go out and buy them they just seemed to arrive and always had cats in the house.

The dog is still the more popular pet in Japan than cats

Peter Barragan said you’re right cats can be conversation partners they listen to your everyday grumbles and sometimes it feels like they’re even sympathizing with you. It means dogs have always been popular in Japan.

dog is more popular then cat in japan
the dog is more popular than the cat in japan

There are other differences in the way that people relate to dogs and the way they relate to cats the ancestors of domesticated dogs.

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Hunted in packs they had a social structure they’d be leaders deputies and then everyone else it was a hierarchical system human society is quite similar to that it has a vertical structure but cats are different one cat will hunt and live alone there’s no hierarchy and so for people who are tired of rules.

And strict social structures keeping a pet cat can give a comforting sense of freedom. That feeling contributed to the growing popularity of cats they’re not just cute they’re independent and that’s very appealing Japanese share an inseparable bond with cats.

Cats-human relationship history 1300 years

The roots of that relationship can be traced back 1300 years. In the early day, cats put on leads much like dogs are now they were kept in the home and cherished. It’s very fashionable to keep a beautiful cat on red lead cats were rare and that line in a famous essay reflected that keeping a cat was a status symbol for the nobility.

In the 17th century and beyond japan’s cat population surged. This was prompted by a rodent problem the authorities ordered city dwellers to put cats out on the streets cats became much more visible in everyday life and soon artists began using them as subject matter.

There’s no better example than this masterpiece by Utagawa Kuniyoshi it shows 50 cats in a variety of lively poses as time went by people started attributing mysterious powers to cats ornaments called Maneki Neko embody that way of thinking they make a beckoning motion the idea is that they are welcoming in good luck.

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Japanese Believe Neko Mata Spirit Cats Lead A Successful Business

nekomata spirit
nekomata spirit

They are said to lead to business success and ward off evil since the 19th century they’ve been a common sight in shops and homes in other contexts cats were feared people believed that if a cat lived long enough it would change into spirit stories emerged of Nekomata monstrous cats with forked tails that would torment and put curses on their victims.