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World Boycott All Of Russian Products Even Popular Russia Cat By The International Cat Federation

World Boycott All Of Russia Product Even Popular Russia Cat By The International Cat Federation

The boycott of all Russians by private organizations in connection with the invasion of Ukraine has spread to the animal world.

Russian cats have become the latest target of a worldwide backlash against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine a week ago. This follows worldwide sanctions by governments and private organizations that have gone beyond hitting Russian leaders and oligarchs.

The International Cat Federation, officially known as the International Cat Federation, announced that as a result of the attack, no cats bred in Russia can be imported or registered in any FIFe pedigree book outside of Russia.

Russian cats are banned
Russian cats are banned

In addition, no cat belonging to Russian owners can be admitted to FIFe cat shows outside of Russia.

The restrictions will last until May 31, when they will be reviewed.

FIFe also said: “Our Ukrainian fellow cat lovers are desperately trying to take care of their cats and other animals in these difficult circumstances. We are very pleased that many members of FIFe clubs bordering Ukraine, such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova, extend a helping hand to their Ukrainian friends-breeders.”

World governments imposed unprecedented sanctions to cut off Russian President Vladimir Putin economically

A few hours after Russia started the war last week, world governments imposed unprecedented sanctions to cut off Russian President Vladimir Putin and his around economically.

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The tightening of sanctions has had a surprisingly quick effect. The ruble has fallen sharply, and inflation is rising, which causes new concerns among Russian consumers. Not only among the oligarchs, who were targeted by the first measures. The departure of foreign companies led to the closure of automobile plants in Russia, and Boeing and Airbus stopped supplying spare parts and services to Russian airlines.

Russia’s economy accounts for less than one-tenth of the U.S. economy – only half that of California alone. Economists believe it will shrink further, which does not correspond to Russia’s position as the second-largest nuclear power in the world.