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SAS Dog Handler Who Ran Through A Hail Of Bullets To Rescue Dog Shot After Dousing Taliban Sniper In Kabul Is Set For Bravery Medal

A SAS dog handler who ran into the line of fire to rescue a dog is preparing to be awarded a medal for bravery.

An unnamed sergeant brought a wounded Belgian Shepherd dog 50 yards through the territory of Afghanistan, which was under fire.

SAS dog handler who ran through a hail of bullets to save canine

After reaching the helicopter, he then rescued the dog, stopping the blood loss from her wounds.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: “It was as heroic as possible.

There is an inextricable link between dog handlers and their dogs.’

Bravery was shown when the SAS attacked 14 Taliban fighters south of Kabul last year before coalition forces left Afghanistan.

It was reported that the militants executed local residents who helped government troops in the fortified complex.

Helicopters with SAS and Afghan commandos landed and were immediately attacked by the Taliban.

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