cat rescue
cat rescue

A Cat Found Trap On The Concrete Wall Will Be Around A Full Turn And Will Breath Is Taken Of The Man Who Took Him

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After his amazing foster mom restored him to health, Clayton made an incredible recovery.

Happy and loved Little Wanderers NYC
Happy and loved
Little Wanderers NYC

Not only did he succeed, no matter what, but he snuck into the hearts of his host family. Rebecca could not part with her miracle baby boy and officially adopted him.

Watch Clayton the kitten on Youtube:

It’s been three years since Clayton found his “happy forever”. He is a loving cat for everyone around him, both for humans and for fluffy. Every time his mother brings new foster children home, he reaches out for help and gives these needy cats the same love he received when he was rescued.

Clayton all grown up Little Wanderers NYC
Clayton has all grown up
Little Wanderers NYC

“Clayton means the world to me. When I wake up most nights, he snuggles in my arms. This is the perfect daddy cat for all my parents. He is very patient, sweet, and funny,” Rebecca wrote.

Watch about cat-fight video on Metarerm Youtube Channel

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