A man was rescued from the sea after a dog noticed
A man was rescued from the sea after a dog noticed

A Man Rescued A Dog From The Sea After It Noticed After Barked Non-stop

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“I hear him calling”

She said Poppy, a black cockatoo, “just suddenly started barking when she stopped, I heard someone calling for help, so I called the Coast Guard.”

“My husband had a flashlight and he dedicated it to them, but we couldn’t see anything- we just heard him calling.

“She said when the Coast Guard arrived, “They asked us to keep the torch on, and they went looking for it.”

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, added: “We were just so relieved to hear that he was rescued.

“We were just lucky to be there at the time. “how scared he must have been.”

She added that after returning home, Poppy was “spoiled with treats – and we started calling her Lassie!”

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“Incredibly lucky”

The Coast Guard has dispatched a Marine police unit, a Coast Guard rescue team, and an independent Gosport Lifeboat Service and Fareham Coastal Lifeboat Service (GAFIRS).

A man who was found clinging to a pole in the water was pulled onto a police boat and an ambulance crew treated him for hypothermia.

The helmsman of the GAFIRS, James Baggott, said: “He was incredibly lucky. Being in the water for 30 minutes at this time of year, in a stormy storm at sea temperatures like this, he was very lucky to survive.

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“He has washed off the tender, and he was left clinging to the pile – if the dog walker had not raised the alarm, the consequences could have been completely different.”

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