Croaker bird
Croaker bird

Wild Croaking Birds Become Our Pets

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This is newcomer croaking bird pets in my life.

They are two cute croaking birds. Both birds about two months old and they were happy to live with our family.

Btw. This croaker bird was I brought from my village Sigli district and now they are quite comfortable living in our house.

These birds usually live in the wild where there are many sources of water such as marshes, river streams, and land fields.

Croaking bird in the home
Croaking bird in the home

The croaker should not lack water, they need to drink much and like moist areas, therefore, I provide a lot of water. so they are comfortable like living in the wild.

The pool that was in our house became a favorite place for them, in the pond, there are 6 turtles s and they are still confused by. I hope they are can be good friends as soon as possible.

I also found worms in the back yard for birds they love this food.

In the pond also were many marshes fish if brave enough the bird to approaches the turtles may the can share the fish to hunt int the pond.

The birds look comfortable in touching my leg and give a free massage with the beak.

They are eating, drinking, and bathing in a small pool especially I create for their bath. After a day of activities, they rest on the wooden tree. In addition, there are also coconut Colibri birds and an Asian mynah bird in the Shelter that always accompany with cheerful.

Watch the croaking bird life in our home video:

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