The Ways How To Force A Cat To Drink More Mineral Water

Give enough mineral water to a cat

In the wild may we rarely find a cat drink water. If you’re one of a cat lover, you knew the cat needs to drink mineral water especially after he/she chewing the dry food he needs to drink more mineral water. Some cats drink less than others, the animal’s instincts are had knowledge about how much water their body needs so that you need to provide enough water for them. Actually the cats need about 3.5 to 4.5 ounces water every 5 pounds of body weight every day make sure you give them enough water.

Sometimes the cat drink water to less just a second they stop to drink so that this way to force a cat to drink enough water should you do.

  • Provide the mineral water on the shelter

Always provide the water container in the cat shelter or if your cat is free to live in your home like the wide room just put the water container in the space where you often feeding them. Always make sure the water container for your cat is always full of water.

  • Give your cat with milk regularly

Actually a cat does not need the milk but they’re just like to drink it. So, to force your cat to drink enough first you need to give a cat with milk also make sure the milk is especially for a cat with less fat safe. You can find the milk for cats provide on the pet shop or online market place. You can be feeding them with milk every two days or more than change the milk with mineral water on other days. That may help to force a cat to recognize the mineral water provided in their house.

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Watch this video the cat drinking enough water and feeling full after eating the dry food.

  • Give a cat more wet food than dry food

Dry food may force the cat to drink suddenly after eating that cause they feel thirsty but feeding the cat with wet food they feel comfortable and need more drink after view minute they eating. Always provide more wet food for your cat beside more healthy but also make a cat want to drink more mineral water.

  • Give the yolk egg for a cat

Some cat likes to eat egg yolk too much like our cat that trigger cat to drink more after eating yolk eggs. The yolk egg may for some cat is not good but if they like it you must try it and make sure you give yolk egg once a week not more usually if a cat never eats before the effect is the cat may diarrhea so to be careful.

The cat eating the yolk egg video