This Is The Reason Why Your Cats Some Time Looks Sad And Tearing

Are you Have seen a cat tears so the cat looks like a cry. Some people thought that the cat was tearing because he was sick so it’s crying.

tearing cat

tearing cat

Some may argue that cats are sad. The cat can show his feelings. If we are sad, cats will usually feel it and so it’s usually spoiled to us. However, Apparently cat’s tears it is not mean it was sad. There is another cause that makes the cat tears. Let’s find out!

# Wetting and Eye cleaning

sad cat

sad cat

In fact, tears in cats have almost as important functions as human tears. Cat tears are useful for wetting eyes when they dry. Tears also can be a way of cats to clean his eyes. If there is dust or other dirt that goes into the eye, the cat will immediately try to clean it by tears.

# Infections and wounds

Not only to moisten and clean the eyes but the cat also tears due to his eyes infection and wounds. Cats can be fought with others that cause their eyes to hurt and infected by other cats. As a result, cat eyes will be tears. It is just like our eyes that will be torn if eyes are accidentally exposed to hard objects. If you see any abnormalities in your cats, immediately take it to the vet.

# Genetic cause from its parent

It turns out that cats that often tears can be caused by its parent as well. Cats that often tears will usually bear a kitten in the same condition. However, you can see when the kittens are growing up. A kitten does more often tears than senior cats. That’s because kittens do not have good eyesight and have not yet fully functioning.

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