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#Persian Cat

Persian cat

Persian cat Image Credit TICA

I bold enough to said that Persian cat breeds are the most popular cat in the world they have too many offspring mixed that result in dozen other cat breeds such as Minuet cat, Himalayan longhair, ragdoll, Selkirk Rex, etc. The Persian cat as it named they come from Persia (Iran). In 1620 they were imported to Italy by Pietro Della Valle. Now, Persian cat has spread around the world with many descents their mixed genes breeds.

white Persian cat

White Persian cat

The Persian cat distinguishing is long, long hair, short legs, wide heads with ears separated far enough. Persian has a bit large size. Persian is an active cat when it was a kitten but calm enough when an adult so that they are not moving much may the reason many cat lover love to be a Persian cat as their cat. Therefore, the Persian cat also has an introvert with a newcomer. Read Details About Persian cat.

#Manx Cat

Manx cat

Manx cat
Image Credit

The Manx cat is an Isle of Man Island originate cat species within natural genetic breeds were having short tail almost has no tail. It is known as an originated pet by the fisherman in the Isle of Man. Manx has been there since the 1800s when show on cat circus with a new claim and publication in 1903.

The Manx cat is distinctive is it has almost no tail looking too short-tailed, common short hair pattern. It’s with long-haired is sometimes a categorized Cymric cat. A Manx cat has a good relationship with its owner so that they are always close to the owner and also a little bit introvert to the newcomer. Read more quick information about Manx cat.

manx cat quick info

Manx cat-quick info

A Manx cat was a symbol of Isle of man even it is natural pests control but now they come to as favorite pets.

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Manx Cat Video

#Devon Rex Cat

Devon rex cat

Devon rex cat

The Devon Rex cat from genetic mutation breeds like its cousin, Cornish Rex. Devon Rex and Cornish Rex both have no related to genetical. It’s named as where place it was found Devonshire, Buckfastleigh, England. Read more devon rex quick information here.

Devon Rex has folded a bit with slack skin it also like doesn’t have mustaches. Its ears were also lower close to its head. It’s a smart cat and likes playing so that the cat adds to Cat Breeds List That Most Popular.

devon rex cat

devon rex cat image

Devon rex cat video 

#Minuet Cat

Minuet cat

Minuet cat. Image Credit TICA

Minuet or Napoleon cat is breeding mixed gene Munchkin between Persian. They are a newly bred cat which has a long and short foot cat. Almost, close to the munchkin but they have a flat face which flat nose like a Persian.

Napoleon cat has a bit longhair and short leg both combined from their parent’s gen Persian and munchkin. Their active cat too and friendly to the feet it can run fast. Read more about Minuet quick information.



Chausie cat Image Credit

The Chausie cat is from breeding sources like Bengal and Savannah cat. It mixes gen breeding between a wild cat and a domestic cat. Chausie was categorized in a domestic cat as un-hybrid. Therefore, from wild generation bred Chausie has had a domestic characteristic.

Chausie cat is from a wild cat were they bred with shorthair domestic cat. It was venerated by the early Egyptians and many mummified relics have been found in different tombs of the pharaohs.

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Chausie taxonomy is slender with long legs, a lean and short coat. Read quick information about Chausie cat.

There a views cat list that most popular for a cat lover to keep them invited to their family as a pet. If you have any information or addition things about cat don’t hesitate to leave comments to share with us about your experience.


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