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#Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat

Sphynx is originated from Toronto, Canada. They are found in 1966 by an accidental genetic breeding experiment. They are weird looking with almost no hair entire its body. It just has thin hair.

Sphynx is a hairless cat so that it releases heat more easily and it’s like to be touch and close to the owner. Sphynx is an extrovert cat with highly intelligent. So, make sure you will involving it when are doing something at your home they like to be playing and often show up to get your attention.

Give them good and warm enough temperature in your home to make it’s comfortable and regularly bathing it.

#Toyger Cat

Toyger cat

Toyger cat

Toyger cat species look like a small tiger so that it named Toyger. They were the mixed breeding gen a Bengal cat with a domestic cat in the 1980s by experiment result by Judy Sugden.

Toyger mean is tiger toy. Even look wild they are a friendly cat that your cat makes them the best choice for your pet. Even look wild they are a friendly cat that your cat makes them the best choice for your pet. They love to be always close to you so don’t leave it alone in your home cause they can make trouble in your property.

#Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat

Angora is manifest to Ankara Turkish name that town formerly called Angora. It was the first longhair cat species came to Europe known they were bringing by Viking. It has known for centuries and has been recognized as cat associations.

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Angora is a white longhair cat. They are an intelligent cat, active, they were a familiar pet in the pet owner know they were breeding mixed with huge species spread around the world and being the most popular pet in cat lover.

#Arabian Mau

Arabian mau cat

Arabian Mau Cat

Arabian Mau is lives in the Arabian Peninsula for more than 1,000 years, now it is lives around the streets in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and United Emirates Arab.

You will find them when you traveling to the middle east country. Although it was the oldest cat recently, this species cat is familiar with pet lovers.

As a desert cat, Arabian Mau has adapted with high temperatures it is a natural hunter life that is adapted to a desert environment.

#Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is native Norwegians. The cat survives in extremely cold temperatures that make them with longhair.

The Norwegian Forest has almost close related to Maine Coon and Siberian cat with long hair and a bit large than usual size. But, Maine Coon still the largest species cats in the world Norwegian, also has shortened hair then Maine Coon. It is a little bit introvert cat with independent lives and has intelligence interaction with the owners.

It is a little bit calm and just meowing asking for a meal. They love to play also one of an active cat. As usually cat behavior it has territorial where usually the male will guard their territory from the other male cats.