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#Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat from France known in 1930. The popular story is the Chartusian priest makes it’s as pet as rats hunter so that to keep the church clean from rats. Chartreux popular since it’s traveled to the United States in the 1970s.

It has thin gray hair but so dense, with yellow eyes makes Chartreux cat so adorable. It has a loyal instinct to the owner wich love to follow its owner, matches a dog, and will love to follow its owner.

It’s nice to adopt them if you like to have a cat with a close relationship because Chartreux cat loves to be touching more by its owner.

Chartreux cat video

#Cheetoh Cat

The tiny Cheetah cat is a new species cat that still on the experimental process, first known in 2003 by a breeding Bengal cat and Ocicat Cat mixed inherited.

Cheetoh has a distinguishing that is like Cheetah, which is a black spot pattern entire its body. With a slightly pointed head with small eyes, long ears tend out, and a bit short tail.

Although looking a little bit wild, Cheetoh is more friendly than Bengal cat who its the genetic ancestor. It also can be trained to easily walk outside.

#Savannah Cat

Savannah cat has a distinctive with large muscular size with weighing reach 20 pounds. Savannah has a pattern like a leopard that color was recognized by TICA.

Though having a wild face, Savannah cat has a good family cat reputation with energetic instinct, active, curious. Don’t hold your hand to give them toys and more space to play. They are intelligent cats with social interactions well.

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The Savannah cat was breeds mixed an African Wild cat (Serval cat) with a female domestic cat in 1968. Its is the first generation is called Savannah with wild looking cat distinctive Savannah still a new cat species that was recognized by TICA in 2012.

#Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Siamese cat Image Credit.

Siamese cat as its cited name its originated from Thailand and has known for centuries lives in Thailand. From Siam people, the cat most familiar since a long time ago and has many manuscripts about the cat.

In the 19th late century recognized by west people was the Siamese performed at the Cat show Crystal Palace London.

Siamese has white-colored hair, with a black shade on its body edges, such as hands, feet, face, and tail. They have intelligence wich a bit vocal and like to join with your activities at home. It also active and likes to play and have high social interaction.

#Siberian Forest cat

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Image Credit

The Siberian Forest cat has a large size reach 18 pounds weight with a thick coat. The Siberian cat is a master of hunts and jumps in the wild.

It’s a bit friendly and fortunately, they are a hypoallergenic cat with release small allergens so you can more safe to make them as a pet if you have any problem with cat allergies.

It’s also known by several names such as Neva Masquerade, Moscow Semilonghair, and Siberia. Siberian is a natural cat species that has been 1,000 years live in the world.

The Siberian cat is an extreme cold forest cat so that it has longhair and solid that make it comfortable in cold temperature.

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