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#Russian Blue Cat


russian blue cat

Russian blue cat Image credit: catster

The Russian Blue may be a distinctively elegant cat of foreign body type with an angular, changed wedge-shaped head consisting of seven flat planes.

The slightly upturned corners of the mouth provide a sweet smiling facial expression. Its greatest characteristic is its double coat: Short, silklike and honorable. Medium blue color with silver tipping of the guard hairs, the coat reflects light, giving a silvery radiance to the fur.

Silver-tipped guard hairs ought to contrast against solid blue ground color once the hair is stroked against the grain. The coat is a good bright blue throughout, with deeper tipping preferred creating the cat seem lighter in color.

Ghost tabby markings permissible on kittens. The nose animal skin is charcoal gray; paw pads rose flesh pink. The eyes ar as vividly inexperienced as doable at maturity.

Russian Blue kitten eyes amendment rapidly through yellow to inexperienced. By 4 months, an inexperienced ring ought to seem around the pupil.

Cats whose eyes are not fully vivid inexperienced ought to be penalized, the number determined by the amount and vividness of green still as by the age of the cat. No inexperienced in eyes—full penalty.

Russian Blues are mild and keep, with soft, sweet voices. Read more details about the Russian Blue cat.

#Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish rex cat

Cornish rex cat

The ‘ magical ‘ cat was bred in the United Kingdom in the 1950s, was mixed gen with Shorthaired Tortoiseshell with a domestic cat. When the cat giving birth there is one kitten with weird-looking with large and folded ear, tend small-headed, a bit have spotted at the body has a little bit muscular that is a Cornish Rex cat.

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They’ve good social interaction with its owner like to playing very actively and have intelligence also like to walking surrounding.

Quick Information about Cornish Rex cat

Quick Information about Cornish Rex cat

Quick Information about Cornish Rex cat

#Birman Cat

Birman Cat

Birman Cat Image Credit

Birman cat is France’s species cat, it has blue eyes with unique distinctive with a special pattern on its face almost close to Siamese and Balinese just differences on its eyes and a little bit the color shade on its body with the dominant color in feet, ears, and tail.

The cat has a loud sound, it also a bit calm behavior but has a friendly behavior with its owner it also wishes to follow the owner everywhere. As usual cat instinct Birman cat also a curious cat its likes to explore the whole room in your house so that you have to be careful don’t let it go out from your house.

Birman Cat Video

#American Curl Cat

American curl cat

American curl cat

Joe and Grace Ruga found a wild cat with rolled up ears in 1981 in California. The cat gives birth four males kittens two of them have rolled ears so that the cat breeds growing until now with ears rolled up distinctive.

The cat distinctive is just being unique rolled up ears their hair is short and long hair cat, it also has a friendly cat with good social interaction cat and friends with babies.

Its likes to greeting with an owner with giving some sign like a wipes head on your leg. Don’t let them alone at home they are typical with easy an anxiety cat. Read Quick Description About American Curl

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#Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat looks like the Black Panther. But it has no related breeds to the big cat. It was a shorthair cat and a black Burmese cat mixed gen. Its behavior is like to find some warm place in your room so that you have let to share your bed cover with your pet. Its usual love to hide in your bed cover. Read more about Bombay cat-quick Information.

Bombay cat video


Bombay cat distinctive-looking like a small panther looks wild but has a small size that makes its cute cat. Its size is with an average with a bit muscular. Its also a smart cat its can be trained to do something like a cat trick and has good social interaction with its owner. The cat has a lifespan of up to 20 years.




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