Feeding Male Domestic Wild Cat In BackYard

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Male Cat
Male Cat

#Male Domestic Cat In Backyard

Male cat behaviour usual wake up in the night for hunting, searching food, or looking female cat for mate. The male characteristic is live with lone and have the some territory area  with the sign.
If male domestic cat want to mating it usual louder with meow to get female interest with.
In the video I get some male domestic cat in backyard the cat little bit wild when I come to close looks it avoid me and stand view yard from me. I just took the food on floor and the cat come to eat after I far enough.
On the video below the cat looks very carefully to take each of food and bring away to eat the male cat just show on that time and I got catch on my camera to filming it on that day.
The male cat still look cut for me and for view days later I have the idea project to filming a hundred cat on our remote area and I will share on My Youtube Channel if I ready the project.

Here is the video Feeding Male Domestic Cat

At my home I also have view cat pet as one of male white black cat we name it with Mowgli you as on video. I capture Mowgli is on mate spirit looking female cat surround house on the video he look like give some sign with un stop show up his tongue to me.

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Here male cat video:

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