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Egret Bird Searching Fish and Hermit Crab Ran Out

egret bird
Egret Bird

#Egret Bird Searching Fish

The egret bird is a white heron species that eats small fish on the beach, in the video egret persistent looking for fish every time between land and space on the beach.

In the video I also shot the hermit crab initially reluctant to get out of his shell to walked, a few while he ran and also ghost crabs were joking in the evening.

Egret bird
Egret Bird

The egret look find some thing on ground it just walk around the beach while the others egret also like him separate between him on those place. Before the night coming he try to find food as he can.

On other side the hermit crab begin to meet each other may to change shell or just to say hello. On video I just enjoying to find some sting moving in front me.

#Hope you are enjoy the Egret Bird Video:


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