Baby Peregrine Survive from Snake and Monitor Lizard Attack

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Baby Peregrine Survive from Snake and Monitor Lizard Attack

Today. I found an amazing video that shows baby peregrine attack by snake and monitor lizard in the nest. first, the snake coming and hard effort to defeat baby hawk.

But baby hawk never give up. Although have many snake bite to it body at least the snake give up and has any injuries attacked by a baby hawk.

Then the other enemy coming that reptile is know never give up. When appearing to another enemy the monitor lizard try to battle attack baby peregrine for lunch but that being hard to defeat.

As defeat snake baby hawk still to battle for survival on that moment. The fight coming too and no one is a winner I think there is draw no anyone wins on that fight the baby hawk and lizard down on water there is any predator waiting for attack both animal.

The amazing bird survive you can find in here.

Here is video animal fight baby peregrine survive by snake and lizard attack:

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