Bald Eagle Diet Facts For Kids Information

Bald Eagle Diet Facts
Bald Eagle Diet  Facts
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Bald Eagle Diet Facts For Kids Information

The bald eagle is the most popular bird in the world since emblem as the national bird of the United State of America since June 20, 1782.  The bald eagle has unusual life than another eagle in the world.

A bald eagle is a sea eagle that has a larger normally wingspan about 1.8 to 2.3 meters an adult and strong wings can pick up to fly heavy prey to their nests such as cat bodies, puppies, rabbits, size 3 to 6.3 kg mass, and long life about than 20 years living in the wild.

An adult bald eagle has black pattern body plumage and white-headed has a yellow beak and feet. however, the juvenile eagle total full of black and brown patterns on its body white-headed making them named the Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle Feed

The bald eagle is a great hunting raptor in the eagle class whereas has speed on diving about 120 to 160 km per hour and also has sharp talons to catch its prey. The single bald eagle can eat fish comprise about 70 to 90 percent on total it diet food like another sea eagle the bald eagle’s main food is fish, for example:
  • salmon
  • catfish
  • herring
  • shad, etc.

Other food for substitution opportunity of bald eagle diet is like bald eagle often follow of bird migration like duck, Chicken, seagull, and geese also hunting and feed injured bird cause hunting. The bald eagle as a raptor needs more energy. So, they need fresh meat for protein bald eagles also can hunt groundhog and other mammals like

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  • puppies
  • domestic cat
  • mice
  • rabbit
  • muskrat
  • and other little mammals.

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Bald eagle feeding chain as so different animal include the mammal, fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates such as crab, etc. Bald eagle food depends on opportunity animals as prey show up near them can be bald eagle prey.

Here is the Bald Eagle Food Chain Infographic:

bald eagle diet
Eagle Food Chain Demographic
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