Sealion on the beach
Sealion on the beach

Sea Lion Interaction With Human Are Danger or Friendly?

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Sea Lion Interaction With Human

Sea lion swim

Sealion swim

Are you an animal lover or just a people care about each soul you ever meet although the animal lives you care about. In this post, I share with you about the animal it actually mammal lives like fish that is sea lion as you know they good hunter on underwater can hunting fish, penguin and sea turtles for food.

The sea lions on many cases they are can swift swims to hunting prey and attack whatever they meet, They are can to be danger animal when there are in underwater some report from wreck diving team but not by accident by sea lion threats because it just playing on the head of a diver.

The sea lion’s interest in whatever moves on the water that can be interested in the sea lion to attack the moving object is like prey for the sea lion.

Early this month sea lion was interaction with the human that actually like friendly when sea lion come and into the boat. They seem friendly when the people feed it with fish not only one video. The compilation video shows the sea lion more friendly with the human to ask for fresh fish from the boat.

Sea Lion is an Intelligent animal

Sealion on the beach
Sealion on the beach

That experience I can value they have very high intelligence animal, not only that case on many animal show sea lion was shown very awesome trick on an entertainment show.

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The sea lion on Wikipedia source you can learn more about their species there are seven species of them in the world all of them spread all over the countries in Europe, Asia, and America.

The most sea lion lives in artic and California they have the torpedo body shape that helps them swimming very fast.

California sea lion taxonomy they are male lion has a bigger body than a female sea lion. That makes the male can be easy to mate with a female. As we know the sea lion is a wild animal and have aggressive attack each other especially male to male.

To have mated the male sea lion has a skill. Enough body size to beat female if not the female can nurses male. Before mate, the male has to defeat the female sea lion on water and make sure the female wants to mate.

The California sea lion adaptations nowadays grow each year because they have an icon and endemic animal of California USA.

The adaptations with the human are very important to know the-the sea lion is no danger for human. But, they can be limited access to the area when human use land for resident or business center. Make them reduce of population someday.

Sea Lion Video

cute baby seal
cute baby seal

Look at this video very friendly sea lion on the boat to ask for fresh fish. The man giving fish to the mouth sea lion very close.

Sealion is the animal of a predator but they also can be the main prey by the killer whale team the white shark. Both large fish is the best predator in their class on the sea make them hunting sea lion as prey.

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Sealion attack a kid video:

The killer shark is smart fish when they hunting together like wolves hunting with a group to make growing can’t run away from their target.

The sea lion is the very shortage case that can escape from the killer whale target. Like the killer whale. The white shark also has the best skill in hunting even they have a single hunter.

But the fast and accurate shot to prey makes a shark very dangerous for a sea lion. The single-shot makes sea lion dead on shark mouth.

Sea Lion Social

sea lion sleep sea lion sleep Image credit: Photo by Diana from Pexels

a lion group that signs they are the very social animal to protect the member from a group with the instinct they stay too close each other to protect each of them.

Once a group has a hundred-thousand of members, the male usually stays alone but if the danger or predator comes like a shark or killer whale on water.

They come too close to the group that makes the predator confuse to find an accurate target for being prey. Female sea lions also like nurses when it growing pups for a year they care for and give milk from their bodies to pups.

By the way, thank you for coming to my page if you have more information. Do not hesitate to comment below and give some valuable information about the biggest sea lion in the world.

The sea lion attacks girl on Youtube viral view months ago you can visit here. For more information about sea lions, you can look at Wikipedia that valuable information about sea lion behavior.

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