The Beautiful Blue Broad Bill Birds (disambiguation) Should You Know for Additional Your Knowledge

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The Beautiful Blue Broadbill Birds Should You Know

Thanks for coming on my page! In this page, I say to you about birds actually I didn’t know what it’s call. I saw it look like Broadbill birds family and spontaneous named its The Beautiful Blue Broadbill Birds if I was the mistake please give me the real name of that birds.

The Blue Broadbill birds are unique birds I saw it take a bath when rain occurs as we know rain make its cold but that rain can’t be a reason for its bird to clean its plumage. It’s still too wet its blue plumage.

The Blue Broadbill birds I saw it alone when my camera catch it and look it has comfortable to close with me. Its bird’s habitat mostly you can found them in rainforest country that like in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia.

They are migratory birds when June to November is they breeding season It’s can lay egg 2-4 eggs a single breeding. Male and female gather take care of growth their baby that need 20 to 30 month before the juvenile leaves the mother birds.

Blue Broadbill birds are insect-eating birds such as grasshopper, butterfly, dragonfly and flies and lizards sometimes being their food.

On the video below you can see that the birds look like Blue Broad Bill birds but I am not sure that its Broadbill family Its seem Starling Birds too if you look at the detail on it.


If you have more information please do not hesitate to share with us about that birds for add our knowledge on comment and share also.

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