Starling Birds Fact Should You Know If You Decided To Keep Them for Pet That Be Might Expensive Cost

starling bird
Common Black Starling bird Asia
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Starling Birds Fact Should You Know

Asia is the most popular of many species of birds live there as one like starling birds. The Asian people particularly Southeast Asia like a Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, and Indonesia.

There are many people have a hobby take a bird for their pet. May on Europe the Starling become the pest because of they grow very fast and stole everything stuff to being food for them but it’s instinct of the animal.

On Asia, the Starling bird becomes the scarce species on next ten years that caused by hobby of people have a rare hobby like to be birds as they pet.

Three of ten people have a hobby being birds to their pet and that danger for it. Starling birds as one species more preferably to be a pet because they have strong birds and also easy to feeding.

Starling Size

Starling birds are small birds within cylinder beak, short tail and white point when they fly on wings. they also little bit long leg and when fly the wings look like short that make them as smaller birds but I opinion they include the middle size birds because they size around 13 cm beak to tail.

Plumage Colours Pattern

Starling colours pattern is changed within they have glossy plumage combine amazing with black and blue. Their beak commonly yellow, sometimes they have white on neck and wings. but in winter they are plumage change to brown.

Behaviour of Starling

Starling is flock birds they gather fly to find food fly together and dropdown to grassland field to looking for food they have a loud voice to call each other and too greedy bird when its get food they can wipe up just on minutes.

Starling Habitat

Starling is common in suburbs, town, and field, human settlements, and they have comfortable lives beside and to near human lives. They build nest on the high tree and high building too. looking food at grassland and grown and lawns.
starling bird
Commonly White Starling Asia
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Okay, Now I share with you, why you do not choose the Starling birds for your pet. One of the reasons they are the expensive pet and more greedy bird either and also likely to wasted food.

1. The Starling birds know have more very fast growth in Europe

At Europe, Starling bird becomes a pest when they have grown very fast one of them can laying three egg each season they have two seasons breeding a year. Reported by Garden Birdwatch the Starling more of them become very fast increase on Octobers when they added by the migrant. On Europe policy to save the animal, they have a good rule for prohibit take the bird in danger place.
starling bird
Common Europe Starling

2. Feeding adaptations of Starling usual in season

Starling birds of species within eating various kind of food they are eating fruits, insects and sometimes meat. If food scarce thing they can cannibalism instinct and fight each other to get for food.
The Starling bird when it has much food they usually only chosen insects for food like grasshoppers, butterfly, dragonfly, flies etc.
Not only insects when they have a little bit scare food but around them that are any fruits they might to eat also. Commonly Starling bird like the sweet fruits like banana, pineapple, papaya and etc.
starling bird
Commonly Starling

3. Bad reputations if you wanna take them for pet

Thinks twice if you wanna be Starling for your pet may in Europe and USA uncommon behaviour to being wild birds for a pet but in Asia especially in Southeast Asia to take the bird for pet very commonly behaviour you can find each house may have a bird pet in their cage.

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The Starling behaviour is they have a greedy bird when you give them one cup of food they can eat it just a view minutes to make cup empty.

They can’t stop to find and keep scrape to the foot of cup and make sure the anything on there but they can’t found anything just make wipe up to clean within throw out of food on the cup that actually happens.

Now you might think again for keeping Starling for your pet make you spend more money for buy wasted expensive to provide their food, particularly fat products to feeders improvident birds.

4. Starling is the glossy birds

One of the reason many of Asian like the Starling may they have glossy colours. But the glossy just have by male Starling. Their colours begin change to glossy when they growth from juvenile to mature. Especially on head through neck the plumage glossy combine black and blues.
When they breeding season the male starling have more glossy plumage but the female starling just duller and little bit dark.

5. Starling are more decrease song

Not even in Asia. In Europe Starling to be decrease of their song, the populations according Garden BirdWatch Starling species have decrease of population during 1987 to 2012 they have gone 80 percent that horrible news for us.
That might caused by industrials growth effect and human population when they habitat was gone filling by building and industrials building or chemical effect on environment at soil and waters.
But in Asia not only starling have less area of them but also the other birds have the same problem when birds hunting for sale or food increase to fast. The price like Starling in third country like Indonesia and Thailand reach up to 10 dollars that make them to more catch birds very day.
The bird catcher raised caused by economics factors when some country have the poor problem they can do anything for get money.

6. The Murmurations Shape Bird

Starling bird instincts like a sardine flock also the starling flock can shape the murmurations when they fly to show amazing aerobatic before they dropping onto place where they roost. They Murmurations shaping by starling flock to render difficult for predator when it targeting one of them.

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Murmurations pattern can make confused predator to catch one of them on flock. The murmurations usual show on before they sleep on evening.

7. Starling nest can targeted by Cuckoo too

As Tailor and Fantail bird the Starling nest can target by Cuckoo mother too on video above you can see the Starling take caring baby Cuckoo that was starling have targeted by Mother Cuckoo to adopted raised up her baby.

Actually the own baby or egg by Starling was throw up by baby Cuckoo when it just hatched a view days. The Baby Cuckoo instincts that order to eliminated their rival on nest eve if it’s baby of owner of nest.

That we can learn from Cuckoo that bad kind of behaviour on business.