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Where The Birds Bringing Their Baby Droppings You Probably Not Know

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Where The Birds Bringing Their Baby Droppings You Probably Not Know Before

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Can you ever imagine about birds when many may birds breeding and have a baby we never saw their baby drop below the nest?
Where they bringing it?
How can they take it?
If yes they take out. that for what?
Okay, let I explain a little bit what I know and what I ever saw.
The bird instincts are difficult to understand especially when they have a baby to protect nest the birds typically instincts to hide its nest from predators. The baby bird on the nest is susceptible on nest they can’t run or fly as the mother.
That one of instincts to hide their nest for them predator is avoiding drops smell on nest. Birds predator like snake have strong smelling and aggressive to find smell of birds.
To move out baby drops on nest mother bird usual swallow drops on it mouth and that throw up get away from It nest. That amazing I never seen before and unbelievable when I saw that.
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