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Lucky Bird Rescue By Good Man Releasing in Football Stadium

Hello There!
Wish you lucky today when I found at Youtube video that a good man rescue a bird to releasing in football stadium when It stuck on the bush. I don’t know what kind of bird. But It looks like a Whitehead Bull bird it a bit big than sparrow I Decide to Bird Rescue.
The bird may be stuck on bush when it looking for food like berries and bush fruits. Sometimes unlucky to catching like that bird should be stuck on the bush with it leg banded at the bush.
The good man safe one soul when he safe birds alive that mankind could be we emulate like that it simply thing when we have a thinking about safe other life with we are hand. Not even human but animal also should we put responsible to make sure they still alive beside us and help them for still continue.

Here that video Lucky Bird Rescue By Good Man in Football Stadium:

 Other about rescue by releasing bird video:

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