Perfect Nest Building From Weaver Bird On Palm Tree

Perfect Nest Building From Weaver Bird On Tree

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Thanks for coming to my blog you’re lucky to have any chance to be here. I just posted today about a poor bird just I call it Weaver Bird. He was struggling to build the nest and hope anyone female bird coming to build a happy family and have a child but it was gone.

The Male Weaver is not found any female weaver bird standing beside him, although he was almost done build a beautiful nest and until now that nest like no one owner that lets empty and dish nest the Weaver bird was disappointed because no one can be the love.

Weaver Bird
Yellow Weaver Bird Build Nest

Strong Tree Bird Nest

That sad enough today the Weaver bird typically male have an owner and responsible to nest building and then when the nest almost ready he looking for a female bird to be a partner and laying egg through breeding. The nest builds a very strong kind that full of grass materials the bird’s instincts tie-up grass each other so that establish a strong nest shape.

The weaver nest often build on trees like coconut tree or any trees with having many branches usual weaver choose strong branches to build the strong nest.

Materials nest include mud mix animal feces they bring to embed on the wall of nest, mud, and feces function is for nature heater on the nest that very smart instinct.

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Weaver Bird
Mask Weaver Bird Build Nest

What Bird Is That?

If you ask me what kind of the weaver bird family? May I guess they are the bird bead eater like the finch family? They have a strong beak. Almost have the same color plumage on their family also lives with the flock on hundred members on one flock. The Weaver Bird builds the nest using grass materials and took little mud inside the nest for the nature heater.

Weaver Have The Green Bird Eggs

This bird is many of them have white eggs but the yellow weaver has green eggs with abstract mix with point black entire the eggs.

How To Moving A Weaver Birds Nest?

To moving their nest is simple you can make their nest on a tree and move down to other places or another tree but you have to make sure the baby bird or eggs in the nest untouched by your hand.
As you know the animal-like bird has high stress for that reason must be very careful to take care and move them to another place if their stress may they difficult to eat the caused the baby to be dead or jump from nest to ground.

Watch The video of the weaver build nest.

By the way. Many thanks for coming and don’t forget to leave the comment too and check this video about Weaver Bird Build Nest.

Video Bird  Build Nest

 Weaver Bird Build Nest